Essential Skills Quebec

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The ability to write with a clear purpose such as to inform or request information. Use appropriate sentence structure, punctuation, wording, and tone.


Take the Writing Self-Assessment

Complete this self-assessment to help you understand your writing strengths and areas for improvement. 

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Online Venn Diagram Tool

Create Venn diagrams that contain two or three overlapping circles. Students may view and edit their draft diagrams, then print the finished diagrams for reference.

Online Webbing Tool

The Webbing Tool provides a free-form graphic organizer for activities that ask students to pursue hypertextual thinking and writing.

Parts of a paragraph and common types of paragraphs. 
Personal Letter Writing

In this lesson you will:

  • Decide what to include in a letter and what to leave out

  • Practice setting the right tone in a letter

  • Choose words with apostrophes in the right places

  • Practice setting the right tone in a letter to a friend

Resume Generator

This online tool guides students through the creation of a resume. Saving capability allows them to return to their work and make revisions. Written and audio tips throughout the tool guide students as they complete each section of the resume. 


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