Essential Skills Quebec

By The Learning Exchange

Skills for Life Series

This 30 hands-on competency-based adult learning resource ranging from Getting My Driver’s License to Managing my Money was created with Quebec’s Common Core Curriculum in mind. 

Skills for LIfe Series via LEARNquebec

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Unit 11: Living in Quebec

In this unit, you will learn important facts about Quebec and what it means to live there. 

Unit 12: Strategies for Reading

In this unit, you will learn some useful reading strategies. These strategies will prepare you for successful reading for both now and in the future. 

Unit 13: Strategies for Writing

This unit will show you some key writing strategies that will help you to write well, both in your studies and in everyday life. 

Unit 14: Strategies for Grammar

This unit will acquaint you with some of the main grammar rules and uses of the English language. 

Unit 15: Understanding Numbers

In this unit, you will begin to develop strategies to handle and appreciate everyday Math. 

Unit 16: Adding and Subtracting

In this unit, you will develop strategies to help you handle everyday Math such as adding, subtracting, counting money and estimating. 

Unit 17: Multiplying, Dividing & Fractions

In this unit, you will develop strategies to help you handle everyday Math such as multiplying, dividing, identifying fractions, calculating time and reading recipes. 

Unit 18: Hobbies and Leisure Time

It doesn’t matter how much free time you have – it matters what you do with it! Knowing how to truly enjoy your free time can be very rewarding. You can use this time to study, to create, to meet new people, to get outside, etc. Starting a new hobby or leisure activity is a great way to develop new skills and interests. 

Unit 19: Employment Skills

Employment skills are important for everybody. Maybe you want to start a new career or perhaps you’re looking for volunteer or part-time work. Whatever you do in life, you should know how to sell your strengths and skills. This unit will help you to promote yourself to an employer. 

Unit 20: On the Job

Skills for work are the skills you need to start, stay in and progress in the workplace. In this unit, you will discover ways to develop skills for work. These skills will help you to enjoy your job and impress your employer.