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Skills for Life Series

This 30 hands-on competency-based adult learning resource ranging from Getting My Driver’s License to Managing my Money was created with Quebec’s Common Core Curriculum in mind. 

Skills for LIfe Series via LEARNquebec

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Unit 01: Orientation

The skills targeted in this Orientation Unit will help you to lay down the foundation for learning:

Unit 02: Around the Home

A home can be a very important part of one’s life. A home is not only a shelter; it is where you go to relax and be with your family. This is why it is a good idea to think of ways to improve your home and keep it safe. 

Unit 03: My Community

This unit will help you to discover what a community is, what you can get from it, and what you can give back. 

Unit 04: Being a Canadian Citizen

In this unit, you will learn what it means to be a Canadian citizen. This unit is particularly useful for learners who wish to obtain their Canadian citizenship.

Unit 05: What's for Dinner?

Food is an important part of life. A person’s diet has a direct impact on how they feel. In this unit, you will think about the food you eat. 

Unit 06: Managing My Money

No matter how much money a person has, it is important to know how to manage it. Many people think money management is a lot harder than it really is. In reality, a few money management basics go a long way. Such basics will help you to do what you want in life. 

Unit 07: Smart Shopping

Pretty much anywhere you go, someone will try to sell you something. Companies have many ways to get you to buy their products. They try to convince you that you need their product, or that it will improve your life. This is why everyone should know how to shop. 

Unit 08: My Health

This unit will equip learners with health basics.

Unit 09: All About Me

In this unit, you will explore the things that make you who you are. Understanding what makes you an individual will help you to better appreciate yourself and the people around. 

Unit 10: Communication Skills

Good communication leads to job success and strong relationships. In this unit, you will explore ways to communicate effectively. 

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