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The ability to understand text written in sentences or paragraphs. Strong reading skills are essential to being able to learn and find information quickly and easily. 


Take the Reading Self-Assessment

Complete this self-assessment to help you understand your reading strengths and areas for improvement. 

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Reading Lesson Series

Designed and developed for adult literacy practitioners and learners

Reading Strategy: Skimming

The reading strategy of skimming is a useful first step before reading more deeply and works well with long or challenging text.

Reading Text for Health Care Aides

A Health Care Aide’s duties and responsibilities can vary widely among facilities and regions, but the demand on their Essential Skills is constant. Essential Skills for Health Care Aides is a learner-focused response to the need for training materials that support and enhance the Essential Skills a Health Care Aide uses to perform the tasks of their workplace and the learning required to take on new tasks.

Reading Tips

Use these practical tips to help you improve your reading skills: 

Reading: Tutorials

Whether you want to learn new words, practice reading, or review those grammar rules you forgot, the GCF Learn Free reading program is for you.

The Westcoast Reader

The Westcoast Reader is a newspaper for adults who are improving their English reading skills. 

A list of some of The Westcoast Reader ESL and Literacy Articles

Unit 12: Strategies for Reading

In this unit, you will learn some useful reading strategies. These strategies will prepare you for successful reading for both now and in the future.